Reversing Time with BOTOX

woman receiving botox treatment First approved by the FDA for therapeutic use in 1989, BOTOX® is used for many medically indicated circumstances, such as chronic pain, migraine headaches, and other physical ailments affecting muscles and nerves. 

Made from the bacteria that causes botulism, scientists found the drug to effectively block nerve activity in the muscles, therefore decreasing pain. 

However, since the FDA approved its additional use in 2002 as a temporary cosmetic treatment, these injections can now be applied just for cosmetic or aesthetic purposes. 

Many who seek treatment with these injections do so for the same temporary paralyzing effect in the body’s muscles and fascia that decreases pain. That’s because, when injected into wrinkles and worry lines, the toxin temporarily smooths out the appearance of both. 

Candidates for this kind of cosmetic treatment include individuals who have mild to severe facial wrinkles and lines. Patients can enjoy a return to their youthful features and fresh-faced appearance with BOTOX treatment. 

The safe, effective cosmetic procedure includes a fine needle inserted into your facial muscles. Results will be seen within days of the procedure and can last up to four months. A quick, painless, and easy injection reverses the clock for your appearance. 

Potential Side Effects of BOTOX Treatment

It is important to be aware that these cosmetic treatments can have side effects. Some side effects include pain, inflammation, swelling, and bleeding. 

While some of these side effects should be temporary, it is imperative to seek help or contact your doctor if your side effects last longer than usual. 

Reach Out to Learn More About BOTOX Today!

At Oregon Man Clinics, we have BOTOX services for all individuals. While some people use the injections for health reasons, many others want this procedure for simple cosmetic changes. These treatments can be life-changing for many people, especially those who desire a time capsule to return to their younger years. 

Oregon Man Clinics is proud and happy to serve patients in the Springfield, Bend, and surrounding areas of Oregon. To learn more or schedule an appointment, contact our Springfield Office at 541-306-2217 today.

If you are looking for a fresh face and the confidence of your younger self, BOTOX might be the right treatment for you. We can help you feel young again!

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