Separating Fact From Fiction: Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction (1) Though a prevalent disorder, with around 30 million Americans affectederectile dysfunction (ED) is commonly misunderstood.

While medical treatments are available and effective, sometimes the cause of erectile dysfunction is psychological. Learning what is true and what isn’t about the condition can help alleviate tensions and potentially address the issue.

Learn some common misconceptions about erectile dysfunction.

Fiction: Erectile Dysfunction Is Permanent

Some may think that the inability to get or maintain an erection once is proof positive that they suffer from the condition and will suffer from it in the future.

Fact: Erectile Dysfunction is Usually Temporary

Most people with a penis will suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point. Acute causes, such as alcohol, psychological stress, and lack of sleep, can all contribute to an inability to get or maintain an erection.

Sometimes, the anxiety around an erection can hamper your ability to get one. Even if acute causes are not the reason for your ED, most causes of it are addressable and can show improvement with treatment.

Fiction: Erectile Dysfunction Is All Psychological

Some may make the mistake of thinking that ED stems from their mind and may believe that they can or should be able to control their ability to get an erection. However, this is incorrect.

Fact: Erectile Dysfunction Can Have a Variety of Causes

ED, though it can have psychological causes, can also be due to physiological reasons. A variety of physical causes can lead to ED, including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, injuries to the spine, low testosterone, and more.

The best way to understand the cause of your ED is to speak to a specialist.

Fiction: Erectile Dysfunction Is Treated Only Through Medication

Though you may associate ED treatment with medication, this would ignore the many causes of the condition that are unaddressed by medication. Though medication is one treatment, it is not the only one.

Fact: Erectile Dysfunction Has a Variety of Treatments

Working with a specialist can help you determine the best course of action in treating ED, from exercising and dieting to medications or implants.

Find ED Treatment at The Oregon Man Clinics

Erectile dysfunction doesn’t need to cause you any more distress. The Oregon Man Clinics’ providers are dedicated to bringing you quality care and effective results.

They believe in helping you find the right treatment for you and will do what they can to help achieve that. They are proud to be able to offer free testosterone screenings. Should your results indicate low testosterone, they can begin exploring your options, such as testosterone replacement therapy.

With three locations in Bend, Springfield, and Eugene, OR, they look forward to being able to help you.

To schedule an appointment or learn more information, call the Bend, OR location at 541-508-4858 or connect with their Springfield and Eugene, OR, offices at 541-505-8773.

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