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botox-for-men When people think about BOTOX®, they typically think of a treatment older women desire. Men, however, desire BOTOX as well. More and more men are eager to reverse the side effects of aging and to maintain their youthful appearance. In fact, as many as 450,000 men may seek BOTOX injections each year. If you’d like to learn more about BOTOX for men, continue reading our blog.

How Does BOTOX® Work?

To understand how BOTOX works, you must first understand what causes wrinkles. Wrinkles are a natural part of aging. Your skin will wrinkle overtime due to years of smiling, frowning, laughing, and making other facial expressions. These facial muscular contractions pull on your skin, eventually causing your skin to fold, crease, and wrinkle.

BOTOX consists of a toxin that is made of Clostridium botulinum. This toxin can be used to remedy health conditions and reduce wrinkles. BOTOX works by stopping the muscles at the injection site from contracting, thereby preventing wrinkles from forming. It also smooths out the wrinkles that are present.

Is BOTOX® Permanent?

BOTOX is not permanent. You will need to get BOTOX injections approximately every three months to maintain results. However, BOTOX can last as long as six months for some patients.

Common Reasons Men Get BOTOX®

Some doctors will recommend BOTOX for men to treat neck and facial spasms. Yet, BOTOX is also widely used for aesthetic purposes.

Enhance Appearance

Wrinkles are associated with old age and exhaustion. If you have wrinkles, people may assume you are tired or stressed even if you’re energetic. When you get BOTOX, the toxin erases the crow’s feet near your eyes and frown lines on your forehead. Thus, BOTOX enhances your appearance by making you look younger. For this reason, men who get regular BOTOX injections often feel revitalized and more confident.

Improve Your Health

BOTOX has many medical benefits. Because its chemical substance affects muscle contractions, medical professionals will administer BOTOX to treat lazy eye, overactive bladder, and profuse sweating.

BOTOX® Services for Men

Your age is your business. You can keep it that way by getting BOTOX injections. If you’re a man who’d like to stay looking as young as you feel, call The Oregon Man Clinics at 541-505-8773 to schedule a consultation at our Springfield/Eugene location or 541-508-4858 to visit our office in Bend.

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